Safety and environmental management schematicsAEM’s recent experience includes environmental risk identification and mitigation, permit applications, marine mammal mitigation plans, environmental impact assessments, Petroleum Operations Notices, environmental monitoring surveys, analysis of environmental samples, data review, ecotoxicity tests, Biodiversity Action Plans, ISO1400 and EMAS, radiation protection, oil spill contingency and response, training and mentoring, and the provision of strategic and specialist advice.

AEM also has access to a wide range of industry recognised experts with specialist knowledge and experience in areas including:

  1. Oil spill contingency planning
  2. Air quality management
  3. Ecotoxicology
  4. Environmental engineering and wastewater treatment and design
  5. Waste management
  6. Industrial hygiene
  7. Radiation protection / Occupational safety / Nuclear safety
  8. Environmental and Social Impact assessment
  9. Environmental Surveys (onshore / offshore)

For further details, or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact AEM Limited.

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